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Cake be like hip-hop

Cake be like hip-hop

Posted on October 10 2021, By: Developer BBC

Cake be like hip-hop

Big Boys like cake just like Big Girls. Even if they’re making drill beats or lucid dreaming. Especially if they’re freestyling or writing a diss. That's hungry work. So is cracking out double meaning in the rap game like a true bantai. Shilavati and B-boying make you hungry. Whether you’re club or gully or follower, few things are better than a brownie to get your sugar back. Ghar ka khana, yes. And then brownies. Cupcakes. A good, solid chocolate cake delivered fresh from the bakery, right to your gate. Here’s why good cake is like good rap and the opposite.

Good cake can’t look like batter. It has to rise completely and consistently. Such unfailing Ek number quality every time only comes after hundreds of cakes baked in the quest to perfecting technique. It’s just like how the secret of flow is in mastering technique with years of b-boying and gali cyphers. What you hear in the end is buttery smooth. You can't see the batter, because you’re so caught up in the content.

And then there’s cake, erm, flow, that can’t be copied, it’s just so damn unique. Flow that’s so smooth you can’t help but enjoy the verse. Whether you’re old school or new school, Drake or Divine, Bummai or Dilli, chocolate or cheesecake, you know good rap (cake) when you see it. Sorted.  

How long can you listen only to songs about partying, paisa, Nasha, Pyaar? If the skill is good, for hours, sure. If there’s no skill and the flow is dull, that’s just like sasta tutti frutti in your plum cake. Lots of quality underground rappers and Bollywood/ non-Bollywood rappers are rapping about a variety of things, such as the struggles of local hoods, patriarchy, power. And they’re doing it with art, not just swag. 

But even if, like Emiway, you don’t need reference and metaphor with your beat, you still need variety in your cake. Fluff and spring in the sponge. Creaminess and flavour in the cheesecake. Bits of texture in the cupcake. Real nuts in the plum cake. No shit, Sherlock.



Cake with stunning visuals and texture builds up anticipation, then bursts in your mouth in flavour and fine crumb. Just like that, good rap has a punchline. These punchlines bring two things together that shouldn’t be there. The combo puts you in awe and makes you think, damn, how did he or she think of that? A good punchline is like bringing bananas and chocolate together, that too in cheesecake. Whoever thought of that combo first is right up our gully. And like that, Big Boy Cake & Bakers tries to come up with a punchline that is satisfying from the first bite to the last crumb. 

You can obviously see this is shameless hula hul to tell you about our bakery, right? But try us out and judge for yourself. We promise there will be no ehsaan faramoshi. We have as many types of cakes,types of brownies and cupcakes to bring Shayari right to your doorstep.