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Best Cakes in Mumbai

Best Cakes in Mumbai

Posted on February 21 2022, By: Developer BBC

Best Cakes in Mumbai

Craving for some sweet delights in Mumbai? Well, worry no more because we have got you covered to find the most tasteful cakes in Mumbai at the most famous bakeries. 

There is one form of carb that nobody can resist, and that is the mesmerizing taste of yummy cakes. With some sweet flavourful icing and nicely baked bread, the taste of this sweet dish is unparalleled to any other dessert in this world.  

The truth is that freshly baked cakes are loved and made in the entire world, but the taste of these lip-smacking and tasteful recipes can be found at no other place than Mumbai. 

We all love baked and tasteful goods; therefore, let's unravel the list of the most dainty cakes at the best bakeries in Mumbai.  


Best Places To Pick For Your Sweet Tooth Cravings 


Theobroma - Various Outlets

  • Best Dish - Dark Chocolate mousse Cake 
  • Price per Kilogram - 1200 INR  

Every Mumbai localite might know that you can not talk about dainty cakes and not mention the Legendary “Theobroma” place in Mumbai. This place is popular for all its delish cakes and yummy desserts. The freshly baked cakes and appetizing flavors can make you lick your fingers as well. 

The best cake at Theobroma that is recommended by the majority of people is the Dark Chocolate mousse Cake that can make your experience heavenly. This mousse cake is covered by tons of dark chocolate layers on the top and thick chocolate bars from the side of the cake. 

Moreover, the delish chocolate pieces on the top of the cake double the joy for all chocolate lovers. 


Vanilla Beans - Bandra 

  • Best Dish - JW Black Label Mirror Glaze Cake 
  • Price per Kilogram - 2000+ INR  

Did you ever have this crazy idea of tasting something that tastes literally out of this world? If yes, then your wish can come true in just 10 mins. 

The most famous and delectable cake of Vanilla Beans is JW Black Label Mirror Glaze Cake. This Black Label Mirror Glaze Cake is popular firstly for its astonishing design and secondly for its heavenly taste.  

The specialty of Vanilla Beans is a masterpiece and can be a perfect treat to celebrate any special and auspicious occasion in your life. May it be a birthday or your life’s biggest accomplishment, the yummy flavors of the JW Black Label Mirror Glaze Cake can magnify your happiness. 


Toshin - Chembur 

  • Best Dish - Opera Cake 
  • Price per Kilogram - 2000 INR  

This cake is even more delicious than it looks from the display. Opera cakes are one of the yummiest and most interesting cakes from the entire menu of Toshin. This cake is famous for its multiple layers of dark chocolate, white chocolate, and a tasteful mix of nuts in between.   

On the top of this Opera Cake, the chef decorated the cake with creamy icing, chocolate, nut bars, and multiple choco-chip bars. The flavors of the Opera cake give you a crunchy and creamy taste that can increase your love for Cakes at least ten times. 


Sassy Teaspoon - Various Outlets 

  • Best Dish - Belgian Black Forest Cake 
  • Price per Kilogram - 1510 INR

This Black Forest Cake can not be found at any other bakery in the entire world. The reason is that this Belgian Balck Forest cake is the specialty of Sassy Teaspoon bakery in Mumbai. 

The chef at Sassy Teaspoon baker has revamped the recipe of a classic Black forest cake with a modern mix of Belgian touches in the recipe. 

This Belgian Black Forest Cake can satisfy all your sweet tooth cravings in just one bite. Every bite of this cake will taste heavenly and finger-licking good. This cake is a mix of dark chocolate and thick chocolate mingled with fresh cream. The top layer of this dainty delight is covered with fancy chocolate rolls sprinkled with sugar dust. Moreover, with fresh sour cherries, the taste of this black forest cake blended with a Belgian-style recipe is a genuine treat for your tastebuds. 

  • La’s Braco - Bandra 
  • Best Dish - Chocolate Special 
  • Price per Kilogram - 1800+ INR 

If you want to eat a cake that must match the level of your happiness, then this cake is perfect for you. The Chocolate special cake is made up of smooth blend chocolate and thick dark chocolate. The thick dark chocolate also covers the top layer of this delicious cake. Tons of chocolate balls filled with different flavorsome fillings are spread all over the top of this Chocolate special cake. With every bite of this cake, you will be able to treat your tastebuds with various flavors. The nutty and creamy flavor of the balls is also coupled with crunchy chocolate biscuits on the side of the cake. 

Tons of chocolate and creamy texture make this appetizing taste perfect for your sweet tooth cravings. 


Love & CheeseCake 

  • Best dish - Red Velvet Treat
  • Price per Kilogram - 1000+ INR 

You must have heard this multiple times, but here I will say it again. If a sweet store has the term Cheesecake in its name, then it is worth it to taste its chef’s specialty. 

Your experience at this bakery in Mumbai can be worthwhile if you try its best and most popular cake, and that is “Red Velvet Treat.” This Red velvet cake will melt in your mouth as soon as you keep one bite of this delish dish. The creamy texture of this one is unprecedented and unmatched with any other Red velvet cake in the entire town. This tasteful cake is sprinkled with small mint balls on its top layer. At the end of every bite of this heavenly piece of treat, you will experience a minty and cool flavor because of the mint balls and butterfly-shaped toppings. 


Oven fresh - West Mumbai 

  • Best Dish - Original Swiss Fondue 
  • Price per Kilogram - 1200 INR 

Another immensely popular cake in the town of Mumbai is from the famous bakery in Dadar west Mumbai. 

The ambrosial and mesmerizing taste of the Original Swiss Fondue is behind the popularity of this bakery in Mumbai. The Original Swiss Fondue is a thick base of white chocolate-covered freshly baked bread that tastes dreamy to most of its customers. The cake also has creamy and crushed berries on the top that are coupled with white chocolate bars. 

The smooth and delightful taste of this Original Swiss Fondue can make any day memorable for you.